3 Most common interview mistakes

After training 1000s of candidates, I’ve noticed that it’s not the major things that make a candidate lose the opportunity, but some very common mistakes that, if mentioned earlier, can help them get their dream job.

So, here are the three most common ones to avoid:

❌ Talking too much

When you do this, you run the risk of coming across as overly talkative, unfocused, or even nervous.

So, strike a balance between sharing your accomplishments and allowing the interviewer to engage in the conversation.

❌ Not speaking clearly and confidently

If you don’t speak clearly and confidently, it might sound like you’re unsure of your skills or qualifications in an interview.

To avoid this, practice speaking clearly and confidently before the interview.

Think about your responses, and remember to breathe and speak at a steady pace.

❌ Over- apologizing

Saying “sorry” is not bad, but if you end up constantly apologizing for your answers or lack of confidence, you not only become incredibly annoying but also present yourself as someone who lacks confidence.

Instead, focus on showcasing your strengths and qualifications to leave a positive impression.

📌 List of other common mistakes to avoid:

▪️ Not researching the company
▪️ Not arriving on time
▪️ Not asking questions
▪️ Badmouthing previous employers
▪️ Dressing inappropriately
▪️ Failing to make eye contact
▪️ Having bad body posture
▪️ Not being prepared

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