Answer “Tell me about yourself”

Talking about yourself may seem like the easiest thing to do since you know everything about yourself.

However, when an interviewer asks, “Tell me about yourself,” it often creates nervousness and anxiety. The reason behind this is the lack of preparation and practice.

That’s why it’s important to plan and practice your response in advance. By doing so, you can present yourself confidently and effectively.

To craft a compelling answer, follow these 3 important points:

✨ Clarity, focus, and precision:

Keep your introduction clear, focused, and to the point. Share the most important details about your background and your career goals.

✨ Showcase your unique value:

Demonstrate to the company the skills and strengths that make you special. This could be specialized expertise, certifications, or experiences that show your value.

✨ Add storytelling:

Tell a story about your experiences to show passion and enthusiasm for the field. Stories can leave a lasting impact and make you more memorable to the interviewer.

Here are two sample answers for you:


“Hello, my name is [Your Name].” I recently earned my Bachelor of Arts in English, and I’m so excited to dive into the world of content writing. Even though I’ve not a professional experience just yet, my passion for storytelling and my dedication to thorough research make me a budding wordsmith. I’m a quick learner, ready to bring my creativity and drive to the content team at [Company Name].”


“Hi, I’m [Your Name], a project manager with a passion for delivering successful outcomes. Throughout my career, I have led cross-functional teams and completed complex tasks on time and under budget. I’ve routinely met project targets while keeping excellent team morale by leveraging my strong organizational and problem-solving abilities. I’m excited to offer my experience to [Company Name] and contribute to the successful completion of projects.”

This is your chance to stand out so don’t just memorize the answer, instead understand the format and make it your own.

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