Current Trends of Recruitment Processes

The increasing globalisation of the marketplace combined with an ever increasing shortage of skilled staff and advances in technology have resulted in large scale changes to recruitment practices throughout the world.

It is apparent that the most significant changes to recruitment involve the development of professional employment organisations (P.E.O.’s), the use of email and the internet for sourcing jobs and candidates and the continuing trend towards contractors and temporary staff.

The recruitment industry is gearing up for these changes by developing strategic alliances and global partnering to ensure access to the best candidates world wide.

Professionalism, technical competence and the development of world best practice are the hallmarks of successful recruitment consultancies. Organisations hiring staff continue to undergo massive change in striving to be competitive and profitable.

Many organisations have moved to outsourcing all of their non-core activities. P.E.O.’s have emerged to manage multiple employee groups for companies outsourcing the human resource function. All employees from unskilled positions through to the CEO can, and are, outsourced.

This concept is quite different to the typical approach used by most temp agencies. Organisations of any size can benefit from this approach and employees, particularly those working in smaller companies, have much to gain from the combined benefits that a P.E.O. can offer as a large employer.

Increasingly, recruitment agencies are moving towards sourcing candidates through internet job boards enabling recruitment activity to occur in real time. The ability to recruit internationally has been a huge development and boon for organisations using these services.

In Asia, the concept of “a job for life” is rapidly becoming a vague memory as large scale retrenchment occurs and unemployment figures rise. The growth in temporary and contract positions is a continuing trend and one that is already emerging as a significant growth area in Australia.

Unfortunately, in Australia this growth has also brought with it unparalleled growth in the number of temporary hire firms, many of which lack the professionalism and skills required.

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