Recruitment and Selection

What is Recruitment?
Recruitment is the process in which people are offered selection in an organization. It is when prospective employees are searched for and are then encouraged to apply for jobs within the organization.

This is just one step in the process of employment however it is a long process that involves a series of tasks, starting with an analysis of the job requirements and ending with the appointment of the employee. Specific tasks involved in the process of recruitment include:
– Analyzing job requirements
– Advertising the vacancy
Attracting candidates to apply for the job
– Managing response
– Scrutinizing applications
Shortlisting candidates

Recruitment activities are typically performed by Human Resource practitioners, either internally or externally. Internal recruitment sources are promotion, transfers, retrenched employees, contact or references, ex-employees, retired employees, etc. External recruitment sources are recruitment through advertisement, campus recruitment, recruitment by employee exchanges, recruitment by third parties, internet recruitment, unsolicited applicants, etc.

What is Selection?
Selection is the process of identifying an individual from a pool of job applicants with the requisite qualifications and competencies to fill jobs in the organization. This is an HR process that helps differentiate between qualified and unqualified applicants by applying various techniques.

The term ‘selection’ comes with the connotation of placing the right person in the right job. Selection is the process in which various strategies are employed to help recruiters decide which applicant is best suited for the job. Some activities include:
– Eliminating unsuitable candidates
– Conducting an examination (aptitude test, intelligence test, performance test,
– personality test, etc.)
– Interviews
– Checking references
– Medical tests

The selection process is a largely time-consuming step in an employee’s hiring experience. HR managers must carefully identify the eligibility of every candidate for the post, being careful not to disregard important factors such as educational qualification, background, age, etc.

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