Interview question: “How do you define success?”

During a job interview, you can expect some common questions from the hiring manager, no matter what position you’re applying for or what industry you work in.

One such question is: “How do you define success?”

Interviewers ask this question to peek into your work ethic, priorities, preferences, and motivations. It provides them with clues about your values, as well as specific key traits.

For example, if you say that success is seeing everyone on the team succeed, you’re telling the hiring manager that you value teamwork and communication.

Let’s see how to answer ‘How do you define success’ in the best way possible:

➝ Define, then show

First, define what success means to you. And while you answer this, avoid giving a long definition of success; instead, tap on it briefly and shift your response to the achievement, the real point.

➝ Quantify your achievements

You give your accomplishments more weight when you quantify them.

So, instead of saying, “I increased sales,” say, “I successfully increased sales by 20% in the first quarter, resulting in a boost in revenue.”

➝ End it with a positive note

Close your response with enthusiasm and optimism. Show your excitement about contributing to the company’s success and how your skills can make a difference.

Sample answers:-

📌 Fresher

“To me, success means doing my job well. As a fresher, I want to be known for always giving my best effort and striving to achieve my goals. I believe success comes from continuously challenging myself and embracing new opportunities in the workplace. I am excited to contribute to the success of the team and the organization.”

📌 Experienced

“For me, success is helping my team succeed. I did this at my last job by mentoring and directing my colleagues. This made us more efficient and successful, and we were able to cut back expenses by 15% on projects and finish each task on time. I’m proud of this, and I’m excited to do the same thing for my new employer.”

This is an open-ended question, so there are no right or wrong answers. What matters most is your genuine response and the confidence you have in expressing your values and aspirations.

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