Modules in SAP and what Sap can do to organization

Organizational Management Module Overview
=> Forms the basis for the entire personnel planning and development application
=> Facilitates analysis of the organizational structure
=> Allows planning to develop actual and proposed personnel scenarios
=> Personnel Administration Module Overview
=> Establishes organizational hierarchies
=> Used to perform essential personnel administration tasks such as:
=> hiring employees
=> performing organizational reassignments
=> termination from the University
=> salary adjustments
=> Data stored in such a way that you can easily access and maintain at any time

Recruitment Module Overview
=> Functions you need for working through the entire recruitment process
=> Contains an entire range of powerful, flexible functions that you can use to implement an effective – and largely automated – recruitment strategy such as:
=> Issuance of recruitment requests
=> Selection process of applicant
=> Applicant pool administration
=> Notification to applicants

Benefits Module Overview
=> Comprehensive method of administering employee benefits such as:
=> Health (medical and dental)
=> Insurance (Life)
=> Savings (Retirement)
=> Spending Accounts (Medical and Dependent Care)
=> Encompasses the key concepts and processes you need to manage extensive and highly individual benefits packages for your employees
=> Open Enrollment
=> Employee Life-cycle Events (e.g. Marriage, Child, and Separation)

Compensation Management Module Overview
=> Toolset for strategic remuneration planning
=> Empowers managers to offer competitive and motivating remuneration
=> Fixed pay
=> Variable pay
=> Merit increases
=> Promotion
=> Includes Personnel Cost Planning
=> Allows experimenting with future projected costs

Training & Events Management Module Overview
=> Enables you to plan and manage business events
=> Training
=> Conferences
=> Interfaces with other R/3 components
=> Basis for extending and updating employee’s skills and knowledge
=> Flexible Reporting
=> Appraisal functions
=> Provide important decision support feedback to ensure the business events offered are both high quality and effective

Personnel Development Module Overview
=> Helps compare current or future work requirements with employees’ qualifications, preferences and aspirations
=> Can contain general measures to impart qualifications so that employees retain or further their professional skills and keep track with technological developments
=> Converts training proposals directly into bookings for employees with qualification deficits or needs

Time Management Module Overview
=> Enables flexible representation of all personnel procedures involved in recording and evaluating employee time data
=> Infrastructure for time data recording
=> Work schedules
=> Record of planned attendance and absences
=> Recording of attendance and absence
=> Annual and Sick Leave accrual
=> Time evaluation
=> Ability to transfer absence and attendance data to other SAP applications

Payroll Accounting Module Overview
=> Ability to process payroll for employees using data from SAP Personnel Administration, Benefits, and Time Management
=> Payroll run (regular and off-cycle)
=> Payroll corrections
=> Payments
=> Remuneration Statements
=> Posting to Financial Accounting
=> Third Party Remittance
=> Offers a number of standard payroll reports
=> Tax Reporter component allows you to generate all required state and federal tax forms

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