Steps to performance management process

Performance review solutions with a list of pre-defined templates and functionalities for point-in-time reviews of employee performance management.

Listed below are nine steps to an effective performance management process:

1. As per the pre-defined performance cycle (monthly, quarterly, half yearly, and annual), reviews are launched for eligible employees.
2. Employees and managers meet to select and set SMART goals from the goal library.
3. During the performance review period, employees and managers often meet to discuss progress and take accurate notes.
4. Once the performance cycle ends, employees receive a task to complete their self-evaluation.
5. After employee self-evaluation, the review task is forwarded to managers where they are prompted to submit their evaluation.
6. At this point, both the manager and employee meet to discuss and approve or send back to employee requesting changes.
7. If the review is approved, the manager awards an overall rating to the employee.
8. The rating awarded by the manager is forwarded to the employee for acknowledgement.
9. Once the rating is accepted by the employee, it is submitted to the HR team and finance team for position and benefits update.

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