The objective of HRM

Following objectives are important which can be discussed in short. With the fulfillments of these objectives HRM can become successful:

1) To develop efficiency and skills of employees: First objective of HRM is to develop efficiency and skills of employees working in the organization. If these objectives are achieved organization can reach at its target.

2) To ensure effective g)erformance of employees: Effective performance of employees can be ensured by HRM. Effective performance at all levels can help the organization to obtain productivity target.

3) To Change the behavior of Employees: With a view to change behavior of employees HRM activities can be performed. Behavior change can ensure to reduce resistance to change.

4) To Train up Subordinates: The fourth objective of HRM is to train up subordinates for effective performance. There may be different methods of training employees.

5) To Increase Job Satisfaction: Job satisfaction is essential for proper performance and goods LMR, therefore HRM tries to achieve Job Satisfaction level.

6) To Attract good people: Without attracting good people organization cannot run smoothly or organization can”t cope with the competition. Therefore HRM wants to attract good people for the organization.

7) To make effectiveness: To make all organization programs an effective,’HRM acts restless. And for thus all policies are formulated accurately.

8) With a view to procure good veople: HRM determines its objectives, because without good people organization cannot run.

9) For proper use of Human Resources: The organization can best try to give them proper assignment and make sure that everything has been done timely.

10) Co ordination among different sections of the Organization: Co ordination among different sections of the Organization, HRM can set its objective and get objective fulfilled.

11) To develop working conditions in the organization: Another objective of HRM is developing working conditions of the Organization. Because without these performance quality and Target cannot be achieved.

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