What are the basic job interview questions?

Basic job interview questions include topics such as weaknesses and strengths, why the candidate is leaving or has left a position, and his professional goals. Job candidates are often asked about their salary requirements. Additional questions may include why the candidate wants to work for the company or what drew his interest to the position.

Candidates may be asked what they can do for the company that other candidates cannot. This type of question is another way to ask what makes the candidate unique. Questions about past job satisfaction, such as when the candidate was most satisfied in a job, are aimed to determine what motivates him.

Interviewers sometimes ask what a candidate’s former supervisor might say about him. The question may be directed in such a way as to ask for three positive things the supervisor would use to describe the candidate.

Employers may use a psychological question to see how quick a candidate responds and why he responds the way he does. For example, a question such as “if you were a type of animal, what type of animal would you want to be?” is common. The type of animal chosen may reflect a lot about the candidate. A lion is viewed as aggressive where a bunny is viewed as gentle.

While it is impossible to know the exact questions one may be asked during an interview, preparation is still key to entering an interview with confidence.

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