What Is an HR Coordinator?

The human resources department, or HR, is the part of a company that deals with the needs of the workers, and with recruiting and placing new hires. In addition, it is responsible for making sure the company follows local, state and federal laws regarding, for example, benefits the company provides, hours employees are scheduled to work, and hiring and firing.

What Does an HR Coordinator Do?
A human resources coordinator typically has many responsibilities. He may deal with vacancies by advertising for new employees, screening applicants and interviewing them. HR work includes keeping all staff advised of employment law as it relates to the company, such as the number of hours an employee must work to qualify for overtime and maintaining vacation and sick-time records. Personnel problems among the staff may be resolved by an HR coordinator, who may also be responsible for employee morale. The human resources department is also responsible for maintaining employee records and for processing some paperwork, such as payroll.

How Does One Become an HR Coordinator?
Most HR positions require the applicant to have, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree. Helpful fields of study include human resources, industrial relations, management, business administration and social sciences. Because of the number of different responsibilities within the department, the ideal HR coordinator candidate should be able to multi-task. Since the position requires dealing with a lot of paperwork, it helps to be detailed-oriented. And, by definition of the job title, the ideal candidate should also have strong people skills.

Where Do HR Coordinators Typically Work?
Human resources coordinators can be found in virtually any industry. Because a major component of an HR position is hiring, an HR coordinator can expect to attend job fairs and visit colleges, meeting with job applicants. While many large corporations have their own HR departments, there are also companies that specialize in human resources. This includes employment agencies, which provide other companies with new full-time and part-time employees.

What Is the Pay Scale for an HR Coordinator?
In May 2010, the median annual wage for an HR coordinator was $52,690, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Human resources coordinators working for the federal government or large corporations had a higher pay level. HR employees at nonprofit companies, state government and employment agencies can expect pay in the $40,000 to $50,000 range.

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