What to do on the day of the interview

Get ready and leave on time. First one is to check all your exam marksheets and certificates at home. Then at a certain time the examinees of your subject will be called by name. You will be taken to another location again. It will be called continuously from here. Don’t do things at this time.

1. Don’t ask anyone else, how many questions he answered in the written test. Because suppose you gave 25 correct answers, and he said 30. Hearing this, you must be wondering, maybe I’m going to get knocked out.

Just so in this conversation he tried to embarrass you by asking 30 questions but it will be seen that he himself answered 20 questions. So don’t go into any such discussions. Rather, if someone asks you, embarrass him in the above manner.

2. Many people have the habit of holding the person who is coming out from the test and asking him – don’t tell me, what question did the brother ask? He asked some questions, this time if you don’t know them well then tension starts again. One thing to keep in mind is that everyone who is sitting for the exam is a master of one subject.

So they never ask one subject to every candidate. They will find the right question. Rather, go through the types of questions asked by various candidates in past exams. Get a fair idea. Rather, trust yourself and learn the appropriate answers by reading the questions given in this book and at the same time go through the points below-

(i) Go through any newspaper of the day of interview very well, past few months or current major issues (15th Lok Sabha elections, political situation of votes in West Bengal, I, P, L, Olympics, price hike etc.).

(ii) Own subject (own text book).

(iii) Syllabus of your subject, Class V to X in case of Pass Course and Class V to XII in case of Honors.

(iv) Environmental Identity (found in this book).

(v) Teaching methods (found in this book).

(vi) General knowledge (nothing specific but what to emphasize is written).

3. Experience has shown that the officer or employee conducting the interview addresses the candidate as ‘you’. You are an educated young man, you may feel bad about it but don’t say anything. Because if something is to be said, if there is some argument, it will be stuck in your head for a long time, so the interview can be bad. But really if you are mentally strong then as an educated young man/woman you should oppose it.

4. Do not forget to calculate the percentage of marks obtained in all examinations from Secondary to Higher Secondary and Graduation.

5. Do not fiddle with any books, unnecessary tension will increase. Think about it! If you get 4-5 months after the exam, you could not do it in that time, and it is possible to give a good interview by reading the book in just 10 minutes? Rather, in my opinion, if you read a humorous story or a biography of a great man at that time, your mind will be lighter and your interview will be better.

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