How to Make Employees So Happy They’ll Call to Thank You?

Sounds crazy?

​Too good to be true? Isn’t it?

​In a world where people fail to acknowledge, getting a call to thank you on the first instance will definitely sound surprising.

But ever thought why your efforts are not creating the “wow” effect in the mind of your employees?

​Why people take you for granted?

How does some organizations has this uncanny ability to keep their employees so happy while pushing them to their limits?

After reading the title of this blog post, you must be wondering that “happiness” is a relative term. It varies from person to person. Things that brings happiness to you today, may not even get a smile on your face tomorrow. Happiness is so SUBJECTIVE.

And to tell you…You’re right in your thoughts.

Everyone has their own definition of Happiness. The irony is that the meaning keeps changing with time.

Today, a salary increase may pump in adrenaline. Tomorrow career development may take a front seat for you.

Preferences changes with time and so does the yardstick of measuring Happiness.

That reminds me of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It gives an understanding on what motivates people at different stages of life. It states that when one need is fulfilled a person seeks to meet the next one, and so on.

A similar thing is going in your organization as well.

You have people at various levels in the hierarchy. Their needs and requirements are different. For an employee who is at the bottom of the pyramid, salary and job security will be the top most priority. While for an employee who is at a senior level, self-esteem and respect from others brings happiness to him.

The challenge for you as an HR professional is to handle those needs judiciously at all levels.

And your organization to equip you to create systems that build a long-term culture of Trust and Happiness.

And that is what this post is all about. It will guide you to…

Ceate a culture where everyone is heard.
Create a culture where people expectations are managed well.
Create a culture where employees feel that they have space to express and develop.
And above all….

Creating a culture that rides on the wings of Happiness.
Madan Nagaldinne (Head of HR – Facebook (NY)) in his recent interview to people matters shares that “Creating a happy workplace is a by-product of HR’s role; it is not an input you should be focused on”. However, I think that this input plays a vital role in defining and creating products and services for the company.

In simpler terms, it boils down to ONE easy equation and I’m sure you will understand.

A happy employee will result in a happy customer. A happy customer will lead to word of mouth publicity. Word of mouth publicity will result in more inquiries. Inquiries will convert into sales. Sales will eventually result in more of Profits.

Simple. Isn’t it?

And how do you start the journey of creating a Happy Culture?

It starts with the foundation of TRUST and two factors you need to work to get this foundation rock solid.

1. Genuineness
2. Engagement
These factors have helped the best places to work for, to become organizations that they are today. These companies hold a culture and brand everyone today aspires to work for.

And what I’m going to share in my post will force you to rethink the way you’re doing things in HR.

Mark my words…

Master the two factors and you’ll challenge world’s top brands and even your competitors.

Amazing? Ready to rock and roll?

By putting in these simple ingredients (Genuineness and Engagement) in your dish (company) you’ll prepare the perfect recipe (org culture) that will make your people so happy they’ll call to thank you.

And trust me. The call does come.

And just in case you felt engaged after reading my post, don’t hesitate to email me or share your happiness in the comments section at the end of the post.

I’ll be waiting…

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