Induction Program

The induction program is the crucial part of onboarding new hire to the organization. The new employee is expensive resource. The organization needs to reach the standard performance levels. It needs to utilize the value added of the new hire. The goal of the induction program is in achieving the standard performance levels quickly by providing basic training, mentoring and regular feedback during the induction period. The induction program adapts the new employee.
The high-performing organizations focus on the quick adaptation of the new employee. They recognize the importance of high performance, and they build processes and procedures to adapt new hires quickly. They teach new employees the basics of the corporate culture, the main decision lines and basic performance expectations.

The induction process does not start on the first day at the new workplace. The induction program should start before the start date. The company should inform the new hire about the details of the job and it should provide basic materials about the company, the company structure and the corporate culture. The new hire should be ready for challenges before the real work begins.

The induction program is not just the “Induction Day”. The training for new hires is traditional, and most organizations run them. The Induction Day is critical as new hires receive the basic set of information about the company, the company procedures and basic expectations. The new hires sign all the necessary documents, and they pass training, which are obligatory from a law. The Induction Program is a long-term process. It lasts several months, not several days.

The Induction Program is about the cooperation of the line manager, new hire and Human Resources. HR provides tools for the manager to adapt the new hire in the team quickly. HR is responsible for the recruitment process. HR is responsible for facilitating managers to adapt new employees quickly.

The induction program is not a second round of the selection procedure. The main goal of the induction is in reaching the standards as soon as possible. Most new hires should absolve the induction successfully. The manager cannot take the induction program as the second round of job interviews.

The induction program sets the basic communication channels in the beginning of employment and makes the adaption of the new comer easier. The new employee has a chance to speak with the dedicated mentor and has a chance to discuss proposed solutions.

The induction program is the efficient tool to increase the performance of new hires. The highly performing organization is less sensible to the natural fluctuation of employees than the organization without the induction of new employees.

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