Managerial Roles

For better understanding, Mintzberg categorized all activities into ten managerial roles performed over the course of a day. These are as follows:

Interpersonal Roles
==>> Figurehead – includes symbolic duties which are legal or social in nature.
==>> Leader – includes all aspects of being a good leader. This involves building a team, coaching the members, motivating them, and developing strong relationships.
==>> Liaison – includes developing and maintaining a network outside the office for information and assistance.

Informational Roles
==>> Monitor – includes seeking information regarding the issues that are affecting the organization. Also, this includes internal as well as external information.
==>> Disseminator – On receiving any important information from internal or external sources, the same needs to be disseminated or transmitted within the organization.
==>> Spokesperson – includes representing the organization and providing information about the organization to outsiders.

Decisional Roles
==>> Entrepreneur – involves all aspects associated with acting as an initiator, designer, and also an encourager of innovation and change.
==>> Disturbance handler – taking corrective action when the organization faces unexpected difficulties which are important in nature.
==>> Resource Allocator – being responsible for the optimum allocation of resources like time, equipment, funds, and also human resources, etc.
==>> Negotiator – includes representing the organization in negotiations which affect the manager’s scope of responsibility.

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