Non-Verbal Communication in 7 Easy Steps

Making a great first impression in job interviews isn’t just about what you say.

How you say it and your body language play a huge role too.

Mastering non-verbal communication can set you apart from other candidates.

Here’s how you can do it in seven easy steps:

7) Practice

Do practice interviews. Ask friends or a career advisor for feedback.

6) Dress Well

Wear professional clothes to show confidence.

5) Stand or Sit Up Straight

Good posture shows you’re confident.

4) Carry Less

Only bring what you need. It shows you’re organized.

3) Phone Off

Keep your phone away to show you’re paying full attention.

2) Stay Calm

If you feel nervous, take deep breaths to calm down.

1) Be Careful with Hand Movements

Use small hand movements. Don’t overdo it.

Doing these things can help you make a great impression in interviews.

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