Portfolio: What and Why?

Portfolio is a way to present your professional knowledge, skills, qualities and achievements. Through this anyone who is interested can get a clear idea about your career. This will help you especially when getting a new job or job.

What is meant by professional portfolio?
A professional portfolio is a compilation of all your significant work. This can be done through a detailed description or visual presentation of the topics you have worked on.

The type of portfolio differs according to profession and field of work. For example, a sales manager can store information about his number of clients, sales volume and sales force management in one document. Again, if you are a graphic designer, you should have samples of your designs and information about the software or tools used in the design and clients.

What is the format of the portfolio?
It is possible to create portfolios in different formats as per requirement. For example:

=>> Word document
=>> Excel sheet
=>> PowerPoint presentation
=>> Personal websites and blogs
=>> Community website
=>> GitHub for programmers and developers
=>> Behance for Graphic Designers and UX Designers
=>> DeviantArt for Artists
=>> Why is portfolio important?

A portfolio is a great proof of your professional skills, knowledge and experience. A potential employer gets a clear idea of ​​your work quality and process through this.

Almost all jobs require a CV or resume. But there is only a summary of your career. Exactly what kind of work you have done, how you have done it and what are the latest results of the work – CV/resume does not give you an idea of ​​these things. So having a collection of notable works can demonstrate your professional skills.

Which occupations require portfolios?
A portfolio can be created for almost any job. For example, a baker can share his baking skills with pictures of cakes and pastries he makes. But not all professions require it. Among the professions in which it will work are:

=>> Graphic designer
=>> Interior designer
=>> Web Designer
=>> Animator
=>> 3D Artist
=>> 3D Animator
=>> Web Developer
=>> the artist
=>> Model and actor

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