Quality of work life

Quality of work lifeAccording to J. Richard and J. Loy, “QWL is the degree to which members of a work organisation are able to satisfy important personal needs through their experiences in the organisation”.

While the task force set in 1979 by the American Society for Training and Development [ASTD] defined QWL as a process of work organisation which enables its members at all levels of to actively participate in shaping the organisation’s environments, methods and outcomes. This value based process is aimed towards meeteing the twin goals of enhanced effectiveness of organisation and improved quality of life at work for employees. Quality of work life efforts are systematic efforts made by an organisation to give its employees a greater opportunity to affect the way in which they do their jobs and the contributions they make to the overall effectiveness of their organisation.

Richard E.Walton explains quality of work life in terms of eight broad conditions of employment that constitute desirable quality of work life (QWL). He proposed the same criteria for measuring QWL. Those conditions/criteria include :

=>> Adequate and fair compensation.
=>> Safe and healthy working condition.
=>> Opportunity to use and develop human capacities.
=>> Opportunity for career growth.
=>> Social integration in the work force.
=>> Constitutionalism in the work organisation.
=>> Work and quality of life and
=>> Special relevance of work.

Work is an integral part of our everyday life, as it is our livelihood or career or business. On an average we spend around twelve hours daily in the work place, that is one third of our entire life; it does influence the overall quality of our life.

It should yield job satisfaction, give peace of mind, a fulfillment of having done a task, as it is expected, without any flaw and having spent the time fruitfully, constructively and purposefully. Even if it is a small step towards our lifetime goal, at the end of the day it gives satisfaction and eagerness to look forward to the next day.

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