Successful interview techniques

Never get into an argument with the moderators on the board. To give an example, a candidate named Chandan Das was first asked ‘which newspaper do you read’? In the answer, the name of almost all the current Bengali dailies was asked again by the panelists, ‘Ajkal’, ‘Ganashakti te party’s paper, why do you read it?’ The examinee did not say anything in response to this question, just smiled. He got the job that year. He did not go into debate.

Some like ‘Anand Bazar’, some like ‘Varman’ and some read the news every day. Almost every daily newspaper is valuable. By reading all these newspapers we can know the news of the world. But again no one can prove that it is political and 3 neutral, because it is a controversial issue. So the candidate did not go into any debate. And if you get a job with such a smile, then what is the need for debate!

And it is also a matter of thinking that whoever is sitting on the board is more qualified than you, because that is why he has come as an expert. Moreover, you are an unemployed young man, and if you say something to his face, he may also think that this candidate is talking like this before getting a job, what will he do if he gets a job.

So the wisest thing to do in the interview board is to not get involved in any controversy. You may have your own opinions, and you may express these opinions in many places. But when 4-5 minutes can change the course of your life, why bother yourself unnecessarily?

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