Top 5 SOFT SKILLS to add to your resume

Soft skills are crucial for employers to assess a candidate’s performance under pressure and their overall capabilities.

That’s why over 93% of employers highly value the inclusion of soft skills in your resume.

So, here are the top 5 soft skills you should add to your resume:


Employers always look for strong communicators because they can secure better deals for the organization, address customer queries, deliver compelling presentations, and persuade clients.

It includes:

🔸 Active listening
🔸 Constructive feedback
🔸 Presentation

📌 Example

I pushed the revenue numbers of the company by 30% by using my communication skills to persuade customers to buy a newly launched product. Customers were convinced to buy the product when I briefed them about its benefits.

◾ Adaptability

It is the ability to embrace change and adjust to new situations quickly. This also includes learning new skills to stay relevant.

It includes:

🔸 Stress management
🔸 Fast learning
🔸 Staying relevant

📌 Example

I completed my Data Analytics course alongside my work. It helped me improve the company’s revenue numbers by 20% by providing the management with information about consumer trends by analyzing the available raw data.

◾ Teamwork

Teamwork indicates your interpersonal skills and ability to work collaboratively.

It includes:

🔸 Brainstorming
🔸 Rapport building
🔸 Conflict management

📌 Example

I managed a team of 10 members, and we jointly worked on a project that successfully increased the revenue of the company by 25%.

◾ Problem-solving

Problem-solving skill showcase your ability to find effective solutions.

It includes:

🔸 Observation
🔸 Decision making
🔸 Logical reasoning

📌 Example

I successfully resolved a deadlock with a client and procured a deal worth $X for the company.

◾ Attention to detail

Being detail-oriented means being able to work on tasks and assignments carefully with attention to small details.

It includes:

🔸 Introspection
🔸 Questioning
🔸 Observation

📌 Example

I paid close attention to and took notes of all the client’s requirements and delivered an accurate result. The client was satisfied and referred our work to more customers. This led to an increase in revenue of 30%.

Including these essential soft skills with specific examples will make your resume even more compelling to potential employers.

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