Top Trends in Talent Acquisition

There are numerous current trends at leading firms will continue to intensify in the coming years:
Referrals — will continue to produce the highest volume and highest quality of hires. The target percentage of all hires from referrals at top firms will reach 50%

Live video interviewing live video interviews will move from the experimental to become the standard, at least for initial interviews.

Sustainability — the slowly building expectation of sustainable business practices among employees and candidates will eventually become an essential employer brand pillar.

Retention impacts recruiting the already increasing rates of turnover among highly desirable employees will continue to the point where recruiting will have to be able to scale up its volume to fill the vacancies.

Candidate selling – the overall recruiting emphasis will continue to shift away from what is becoming relatively easy — the “finding” of candidates. Instead, there will be a shift toward the still difficult task of successfully “selling” top talent who are in high demand.

Remote work — the growth of technology and the willingness of managers to accept remote work options will dramatically expand recruiting for remote jobs. This shift will force recruiting to increase its capability to find and land a higher percentage of candidates from around the world.

Volatility and workforce planning as continuous business volatility becomes the “new normal,” data-driven workforce planning will become an absolute requirement. In addition, the increased use (approaching 40%) and the improved management of contingent workers will become essential to provide the needed agility and flexibility.

Recruiting at industry events — as the economy approves, industry events will return to popularity. And once again recruiting at these events will become an uessential and effective tool for recruiting top and diverse talent.

Personalized recruiting — although it is still currently rare, more organizations will attempt to “personalize” their recruiting and target it to specific extremely high value targets.

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