Types of Accidents

Accidents are of different types. They may be classified as major and minor ones, depending upon the severity of the injury. An accident which ends in a death, or which results in a prolonged disability to the injured is a major one. A scratch or a cut which does not seriously disable him/her is a minor accident, but an accident nevertheless. A mere incision or a deep scratch, say, on the leg or the shoulder, may or may not immediately disable the worker, but he or she may develop disability later. Again, a wound which may disable one worker may not disable another who receives a similar injury.

An accident may be internal or external. If a worker falls, or an object falls on him or her it is possible he or she may show no external signs of injury, but he or she may have fractured a bone or strained a muscle or nerve which is an internal injury. A worker may be disabled by an injury for an hour, half a day, a day, a week, a month or a few months. If he or she recovers form such a disability, his or her disability is temporary. If the injury is such that he or she will never recover fully, his or her disability is permanent.

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