Interviewing Candidates

The old saying of ‘failing to prepare is preparing to fail’ is particularly true in relation to interviewing. If you are going to have any real chance of finding the most suitable candidate then both you and the candidate must be adequately prepared for the interview.
>>>Preparing the Candidate
To help the candidate to be fully prepared for the interview you should:
 Ensure that adequate notice is given of the date and time for the interview.
 Ensure that the candidate is aware how to get to your premises.
 Ensure they are clear where to go and who to contact upon arrival.
 Ensure they are aware of any information, documents etc., you would like them to bring with them to the interview.
>>>Preparation by the Interviewer
To ensure that you are fully prepared you must:
 Review all the relevant information beforehand – job descriptions, employee profiles, application forms etc. You should examine each CV or application form to identify areas to question during the interview.
 Prepare a plan of how you intend to conduct each interview – consistency is important. This should include an outline of similar questions to ask all candidates based on the job description, employee profile and CVs, so that you can compare like with like.
 Prepare a suitable venue for the interviews. The choice of location and the layout of the room will have an impact on the outcome.
 Make sure you are free from disruptions when you are interviewing and do not schedule too many interviews on the same day.
 Allow adequate intervals between each interview, giving yourself some time after each one to finalise your notes.
 Provide a list of candidates and their interview times to your receptionist. This will help to present a professional image to candidates on arrival.
 If two or more of you are conducting the interviews this obviously increases the preparation required so that each knows what role they will play during the interview.

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