Reasons for Employees Absenteeism

There are various reasons for Employees to remain absent from work –

  • Reasons from the side of organization
  • Lack of satisfaction from present work
  • Poor working conditions
  • Longer working hours
  • Dominating Boss & Seniors
  • Non Cooperating peers
  • Higher expectation
  • No growth prospects in present Company
  • Excess Work Stress

Reasons from the side of employee

  • Bad health condition of employee or his family members like spouse, children and parents.
  • Family concern disputes and problems.
  • On occasions of this family relatives.
  • Demise of close family members or relatives.
  • Appearing for examination if he is pursuing further education for career development or promotions.
  • Sometimes due to financial problems.
  • Going on vacation is visiting other places.
  • Exceeds number of late comings limit fixed by the organization. (say for example, any organizations marks absent for an employee who comes late continuously for three times. For this reason most of employees gets absent if they were late to office for third time.)
  • On the Day of sports events especially cricket.

Whatever might be the reason for employee absent will affect the productivity of the organization which in turn affects overall performance of the organization if employee absenteeism is continuous. In this regard organization must pay attention towards proper attendance of employees to the work.

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