Benefits of Quality Circles

There are no monetary rewards in the QC’s. However, there are many other gains, which largely benefit the individual and consecutively, benefit the business. These are:

Self-development: QC’s assist self-development of members by improving self-confidence, attitudinal change, and a sense of accomplishment.
Social development: QC is a consultative and participative programme where every member cooperates with others. This interaction assists in developing harmony.
Opportunity to attain knowledge: QC members have a chance for attaining new knowledge by sharing opinions, thoughts, and experience.
Potential Leader: Every member gets a chance to build up his leadership potential, in view of the fact that any member can become a leader.
Enhanced communication skills: The mutual problem solving and presentation before the management assists the members to develop their communication skills.
Job-satisfaction: QC’s promote creativity by tapping the undeveloped intellectual skills of the individual. Individuals in addition execute activities diverse from regular work, which enhances their self-confidence and gives them huge job satisfaction.
Healthy work environment: QC’s creates a tension-free atmosphere, which each individual likes, understands, and co-operates with others.
Organizational benefits: The individual benefits create a synergistic effect, leading to cost effectiveness, reduction in waste, better quality, and higher productivity.

All these benefits are lasting in nature, which bring about progress over a period of time.

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