Choose a Transformational Coach

Finding and selecting a transformational coach can be an opportunity to begin building your awareness about what’s important to you. As the coaching profession continues to grow, you may find friends, family, and colleagues mentioning their work with a coach. Some may even enthusiastically recommend their coach. If you don’t receive inspiring referrals, other resources for locating a great transformational coach include the International Coach Federation and LinkedIn.

As you identify a few potential transformational coaches, take a few moments to think about the three most important factors you value within a coaching relationship. Then look at their websites and notice the following

1. Does the coach clearly articulate their methodology?
2. Do they mention transformation at all?
3. Does their message resonate with what you want to accomplish?
4. What level of coach training, certification, and continuing education do they showcase on their site?

If any of the coaches offers a discovery call, take advantage of the offer. Then listen for the types of questions they ask. For instance:

1. Are they genuinely interested in what you hope to accomplish?
2. Do they ask you questions that give you a “positive pause” that makes you say, “great question” before answering?
3. Do they seem relaxed and confident, or eager to sell you on their methodology in order to “close” you?

Finally, one low-risk way to learn more about the coach and their approach is to participate in a course or group session they offer. This will allow you to learn and develop while determining if they provide the transformational experience you seek.

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