Features of Leadership

1. Influence the behaviour of others: Leadership is an ability of an individual to influence the behaviour of other employees in the organization to achieve a common purpose or goal so that they are willingly co-operating with each other for the fulfillment of the same.

2. Inter-personal process: It is an interpersonal process between the leader and the followers. The relationship between the leader and the followers decides how efficiently and effectively the targets of the organization would be met.

3. Attainment of common organizational goals: The purpose of leadership is to guide the people in an organization to work towards the attainment of common organizational goals. The leader brings the people and their efforts together to achieve common goals.

4. Continuous process: Leadership is a continuous process. A leader has to guide his employees every time and also monitor them in order to make sure that their efforts are going in the same direction and that they are not deviating from their goals.

5. Group process: It is a group process that involves two or more people together interacting with each other. A leader cannot lead without the followers.

6. Dependent on the situation: It is situation bound as it all depends upon tackling the situations present. Thus, there is no single best style of leadership.

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