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Today we are celebrating the unsung heroes of thriving organisations, the Human Resource function. It would be an understatement to say that they are the backbone of the organisation.

Recent years have presented many good reasons for applauding the HR function. With the world of work becoming increasingly interconnected, competitive and volatile and businesses trying to stay afloat and navigate the challenges, the role of HR has dramatically transformed and gained more significance than ever before.

From attracting and hiring the right talent to developing an effective EX and upskilling current staff to handling massive quantities of employee data, it’s time to shed light on the invaluable and irreplaceable role HR plays in facilitating an organisation’s success and ushering in the development of a new era of work.

So as we celebrate International HR Day 2023 today, with a focus on the theme ‘shaping the new future.’ It is a special day designed to recognise and appreciate HR professionals’ crucial contributions to the success of an organisation.

This year’s theme highlights HR’s expanding role in navigating through the challenges of a constantly evolving world of work while emphasising the significance of equipping HR professionals with the skills and tools required for building the future of work.

It’s about time that HR professionals finally got the deserved seat at the C-suite table and will be the key force to drive us into the future of work.

The rise of HR in the new world of work is a positive development for businesses. However, the role of HR is also evolving, and they will need to continue to adapt and develop new skills and capabilities to succeed in this dynamic field.

By becoming more strategic, HR can help businesses to be more agile, innovative, and competitive as they have the potential to be a key driver of business success in the new world of work, and businesses that embrace this potential are likely to thrive in the years ahead.

Concludingly, while HR deserves to be recognised for its everyday efforts, International HR Day provides an opportunity to pause and reflect on the value it delivers to the organisation.

Source: economictimes

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