Interviewer asks when you switch career

1. Why are you switching careers?

~ Be honest and positive
~ Focus on what drew you to this new field

≫ Sample:

“I’ve always been passionate about [new field], and after [x years] in [current/previous field], I’ve learned a lot about [skills, work ethics, etc.]. However, I feel that transitioning to [new field] would allow me to better use my skills and pursue my interest in [specific aspect of the new field].”

2. What relevant experience or skills do you bring to this position?

~ Highlight the soft skills you’ve developed

≫ Sample:

“In my previous role as [your role], I developed strong [specific skill] skills, which I believe are directly applicable to the role of [new role]. For instance, my experience in [a specific project or task] has equipped me with a deep understanding of [specific skill or knowledge area], which will allow me to [how it applies to the new role].”

3. How do you plan to cope with the transition?

Show your…

~ Proactive approach
~ Commitment to learning
~ Steps you’ve already taken like courses or certifications

≫ Sample:

“To prepare for my transition into [new field], I’ve completed [specific courses or certifications] and have been actively engaging with the community through [meetups, forums, etc.]. I’m also committed to continuous learning and plan to [specific learning strategies, such as mentorship, further education, etc.]. I believe my dedication to adapting and growing will help me overcome the challenges of this transition.”

From Linkedin Diksha Arora Profile.

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