Management Guidelines about job design

Deciding how to design a job or implement a job redesign program is an important decision for managers. The management guidelines that flow should be considered before making these types of decisions:

1. Carefully Monitor: Human resource managers need to carefully monitor the intervention between employees and jobs in their organizations to ensure that a productive relationship is achieved and maintained.

2. Consider some factor: Job design or redesign should be undertaken only after careful consideration is given to environmental, organizational, cost and behavioral factors.

3. Update job related criteria: After job redesign, manages need to update job descriptions, specification, and a performance evaluation criterion.

4. Establish reward system: the reward system of an organization should reflect the new roles and responsibilities caused by job design or redesign.

5. Growth need strength: The employee growth need strength and their desire for job redesign should be given at least as much consideration as the cost and technical.

6. Use Framework: Managers should use a strategic framework for job redesign as a guide throughout the entire job design or redesign program to ensure a systematic and consistent approach.

For successful designing of job of an organization SHRM can consider these guidelines. As per need he can follow some new guidelines also who will streamline his work.

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