Man is a complex animal. He is far more complex than he seems to be. Thus, when one wants to define motivation, he enters a field which is somewhat difficult because the precise conceptual definition of the term is rarely found. Consequently the expressed and implied meanings commonly differ.

Motivating is often referred to as the ‘dynamic’ of behavior. The term ‘dynamic’ means energies or forces which produce motion in physical bodies. In psychology and administration, it means the mental enraging force or motive that activates the organism.

Motivation may be defined as the act of stimulating someone to take a desired course of action. It is the art of inducing employees to work diligently and sincerely for the success of the enterprise. It is the intensification of desire of the workers/employees to work more cordially, carefully and consciously. In the words of L. A. Allen, “Motivating is the work of manager who perform to inspire, encourage and impel people to take required action.”

In a nutshell we can say that motivating is a means of inspiring people to intensify their desire and willingness to discharge their duties efficiently and to co-operate for the achievement of common objectives.

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