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Speaking from my long years of recruitment experience, recently we need some people for various positions in some departments, so we have advertised on one of the reputed online job portals of the country. But when I went to short list the CV, the problem happened. Suppose there is only one person to be hired for a position, but there are 1000 applications, and the employer is very busy, because he has to sort all the CVs as an extra job in addition to his regular job. To facilitate his job, the job portal has a filter option to filter out only those CVs whose profiles match the job requirements the most.

And here is the real problem when I selected 100% match filter I got only 1 CV out of 1000 CVs. But that does not mean that other than that person is not eligible for that post. In fact, what is the reason for this?
If I say, the main reason for this is that if the educational qualifications, relevant experience, skills in a job advertisement do not match properly, then your CV will be excluded if the filter sits. Suppose company wants people for training department, and your experience is in quality control but educational qualification is same for both positions.

Now the person who selects the CV will be conflicted about your CV, because the educational requirement is same but the work experience is different so applying to your training department carries two meanings –
1. You are interested in working in our company’s Quality Control, but as there is no vacancy advertisement for Quality Control, you have submitted your CV to the company through the advertisement of this training department.
2. You are really interested in working in the training department, but then due to lack of opportunities, you have accepted the job in any other department.

So, the question is how can I or the recruiter understand the issue in your case just by looking at the CV. And so this candidate will not be called for interview.

What should we do to get a call for an interview?

1. Apply on job portal only if 100% match with job requirement
2. If not 100% match with the job requirement or fresh candidate, send email or hard copy CV customized for that post.
3. If there is someone known in that company, give CV through him
4. If you are not familiar, find the HR person of that company on Linkedin and give your CV to him by personally knocking your interest area.
5. Do not use the same CV to apply to all departments.
6. Make a CV by highlighting the relevant skills of the post for which you are applying.

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