Stages of the hiring process

Defining the role
Before you can advertise your role, it’s important to analyze the nature of the job and the skills required. Roles change with technology and your business needs, so this is as important for existing roles as for new ones. You’ll usually create a job analysis, job description and person specification.

Attracting candidates
The many methods of generating interest in your role can be grouped into three categories.
Recruiting internally can provide existing workers with career progression opportunities. You can advertise externally across a wide range of channels from print to social media. You can also partner with external recruitment services should you find your resources stretched.

Managing and assessing applications
The most common selection methods used by employers are still interviews, CVs and application forms. Technology is increasingly being used to manage these methods, through online application systems and video interviews.

Making the appointment
You should make a written offer only when you’re sure you’ve got the right person. References can meet your own needs, but you’re also responsible for making sure your candidate can legally work in the UK. An effective onboarding process can help new workers acclimatize to your organization.

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