Types of Interview

Informal Interview:
This is might occur anyplace. The leader or a manager in the personnal department, might raise a couple of queries, like name, place of birth, previous expertise, etc. it’s not planned and is employed wide once the labour market is tight and you wish staff terribly badly. a fan or a relative of the leader might take a candidate to the house of the leader or manager wherever this kind of interview might be conducted.

Formal Interview:
This control in an exceedingly additional formal atmosphere within the employment agency by the use officer with the assistance of well-structured queries. The time and place of the interview ar stipulated by the use workplace.

Planned Interview:
This is a proper interview rigorously planned. The asker has a thought of action figured out in reference to time to be dedicated to every candidate, style of info to be wanted, info to tend, the modality of interview then on. He might use the set up with some quantity of flexibility.

Patterned Interview:
This is conjointly a planned interview however planned to a better degree of accuracy, preciseness and exactness. a listing of queries and aras are rigorously ready. The asker goes down the list of queries, asking them one when another.

Non-directive Interview:
This is designed to let the responder speak his mind freely. The asker could be a careful and patient beholder, encouragement whenever the candidate is silent. the concept is to allow the candidate complete freedom to ‘sell’ himself while not encumbrances of the interviewer’s queries.

Depth Interview:
This is designed to intensively examine the candidate’s background and thinking and to travel into goodly detail on a selected subject to special interest to the candidate. the speculation behind it’s that if the candidate is found sensible in his space of interest, the possibilities ar high that if given employment he would take serious interest in it.

Stress Interview:
This is designed to check the candidate and his conduct and behavior by swing him beneath conditions of stress and strain. this is often terribly helpful to check the behavior of people beneath disagreeable and making an attempt things.

Group Interview:
This is designed to visualize however the candidates react to and against one another. All the candidates is also brought along within the workplace and that they is also interviewed. The candidates might, as an alternative, tend a subject for discussion and be determined on World Health Organization can lead the discussion, however they’re going to participate within the discussion, however every can build his presentation and the way they’re going to react to every other’s views and presentation.

Panel Interview:
This is done by members of the interview board or a variety committee. this is often done typically for superordinate and social control positions. It pools the collective judgement and knowledge of members of the panel. The candidate is also asked to fulfill the panel singly for a reasonably drawn-out interview.

Structured interview
Structured interview techniques have faith in pre-established queries and answers supported job descriptions and needs. applier responses to queries ar rated against the pre-established answers, manufacturing comparable interviews across all candidates. Structured job interviewing conjointly keeps job interviews heading in the right direction in terms of your time and material.

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