Ways to manage Safe and Healthy environment in organization

To cope with physical hazards and other hazards such as stress, unsafe behavior, and poor health habits, employers often design comprehensive safety and health programs. Among these are safety programs, employee assistance programs, and wellness programs.

a. Safety Programs
A safe working environment does not just happen; it has to be created. The organizations with the best reputations for safety have developed well-planned and thorough safety programs.

b. Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)
EAPs are programs designed to help employees whose job performance is suffering because of physical, mental, or emotional problems.

c. Wellness Programs
As health care costs have skyrocketed over the last two decades, organizations have become more interested in preventative programs. A complete wellness program has three components:
***It helps employees identify potential health risks through screening and testing.
***It educates employees about health risks such as high blood pressure, smoking, poor diet, and stress.
***It encourages employees to change their lifestyles through exercise, good nutrition, and health monitoring.

d. Smoking in The work place
Numerous studies have concluded that workplace smoking not only is hazardous to employees’ health, but also is detrimental to the firm’s financial health. Increased costs of insurance premiums, higher absenteeism, and lost productivity cost huge amount a year. These factors, along with rising opposition from nonsmokers and widespread local and state laws, have spurred many firms into action, and the trend continues.

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