What are some common director interview questions?

Some of the most common director interview questions involve experience, professional accomplishments, weaknesses and why the particular candidate is better than the rest competing for the role or job. An interview forms the basis for shortlisted candidates to be chosen, which is why proper preparation must be done before the actual interview date, according to Forbes.

When asked a question that regards experience in a former acting position, candidates should answer by mentioning a few details regarding the nature of work they were involved in and how the experience obtained in performing such a task may be applied to the new acting position. The key is to convince the interviewer that the candidate does not need much training to get started with the new position.

When candidates are asked about their professional accomplishments, they should respond by talking about some of their personal skills and how they used them to achieve exceptional results in an acting project or position. It is a good idea to talk about accomplishments that can be related to the new position.

When asked about weaknesses, most candidates tend to shy away and play down the matter. However, to score points candidates should be honest but talk about the techniques they are using to overcome their weaknesses, notes Forbes. This will give interviewers an impression of honesty and a sincere desire to grow.

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