What is your biggest weakness?

iAt one stage of the interview, the employer asked with a smile what is your biggest weakness? He was a little nervous, he could not understand what to say. You can say something good about yourself but weakness! How to talk about weakness in the place where you have come to prove yourself. That weakness does not become one of the reasons for being excluded from the job. So the answer to this question should be neutral which will not be one of the reasons for dismissal. But let’s know the strategy to answer this question impartially.

Why is this question?
The answer to this question is correct if you understand why you are being asked this question in the interview. Employers usually ask these questions to find out 3 things:

1. Whether the candidate has an idea about himself. Because he who knows himself well can show himself anywhere as usual. Can adapt itself to hostile environment. So through this question they want to know how much you know about yourself.

2. are you honest An honest employee is an asset to the organization. Organizations can confidently rely on him. Which is helpful to bring long term benefits for the organization. So through this question the employer wants to see if you are honest with yourself. Whether you understand your faults and have the mindset to accept them. And understanding that is only possible when you can talk about your weaknesses in front of the employers.

3. Employers want to know if you have a progressive mindset. Institutional work requires constant development. And this improvement is only possible when mistakes in the work can be found. The employer wants to see how much of that mentality you have. On the other hand, there is a need for staff and regular development within the organization. But this development is possible only among those who can easily accept their weaknesses and work to improve them. Through this question, the employer wants to know if you possess that mentality. Do you have the mindset to admit your weaknesses?

How to answer

While answering this question focus on 3 things to answer. These 3 aspects are:


Employers are always looking for a social worker. So your answer should be honest. If you say I have no weakness. Then it will never prove your honesty. Because it implies that you are not ready to admit your weakness which is never a sign of a successful candidate. On the other hand, if you say I can’t draw mosquitoes, it means that you can not only draw mosquitoes, but everything else is possible for you. Such an answer is one devoid of reality. Because it is not possible for a person to know everything. As a result, employers will think that you are hiding something or that you are not being honest with yourself. As a result, you do not know what your weaknesses are.

Not conflicting
It is desirable that your answer be honest but ensure that it does not conflict with the position applied for. For example, suppose you are interviewing for a salesperson position. Outgoing candidates are preferred for this post. If you say that you are shy to talk to people or that you are an introvert then this weakness can be the only reason to get rejected from the job. So you need to mention any weaknesses that are not inconsistent with the position applied for.

The mindset of Fresh
Include in your speech how you are trying to take the weakness as a Shudra, what you are doing to prevent it from getting in your way. Everyone has weaknesses but the best can overcome them or persist in trying to overcome them, or adapt to them. This will reveal two things to employers, namely:

1. You know yourself well so you are dedicated to your work.

2. You are indomitable and unwavering in your goals, not deterred by any obstacle.

Your weakness can be your real strength, if it is properly presented to the employers. So don’t be nervous and tell about your weaknesses beautifully, then what could have been the reason for your failure will become the reason for your success.

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