What Makes a Good HR Coordinator?

The coordinator for a human resources department is in charge of many diverse activities. These include managing payroll and benefits, recruiting and retaining employees, considering marketing campaigns and working with management on general work concerns. A good HR coordinator is, therefore, something of a chameleon, who can frequently make a shift from one area to another.

A good HR coordinator needs to understand the various documents presented to her. These include pieces that are legal, financial or technical in nature. The Experis Manpower Group says HR professionals have to be able to understand facts and figures in order to realize the bigger picture and respond accordingly. The HR manager can sharpen her fluency skills by devoting extra time to reading all types of literature and keeping a comprehensive dictionary at the ready.

Active communication is a daily job for any HR professional. The best HR people know the value of stopping all other tasks when talking with personnel. It is essential to focus on what is being said, process it and give appropriate feedback. HR representatives also need to practice how to give verbal presentations in which clear and detailed information is provided. Finally, an HR coordinator should be warm and express empathy when speaking to a staff member regarding a concern.

Human resources encompasses many areas that are critical to the success of a business. For this reason, it is imperative that the HR coordinator be equipped to switch from one activity to the next in a seamless manner. This position is not for someone who works best by completing one task before moving on to the next. The HR professional has to be able to leave one project, attend to another and return to the former many times during a typical day.

Enjoys Employee Relations
HR coordinators must enjoy working with employees on problem solving. Often, issues are brought to the attention of HR from one employee regarding the actions of another. Conflict resolution skills thus become vitally important. The professional must be willing listen to both sides, document the incidents and take appropriate action to better relations and thus the company as a whole.

Management Counseling
The HR coordinator not only focuses attention on workers but must be available for management as well. This professional is often called upon to counsel managers as they work out strategies and plans to make the company viable and more profitable. The HR manager is important in organizing events, creating protocols and working on ad campaigns with the business owner and management staff. According to “HR Magazine,” the coordinator needs to aid in building the capabilities of the company — that is, improving its culture, protocols and recognizable characteristics.

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