Features of Human Resource development

The essential options of human resource development are often listed as follows:

=>> Human resource development could be a method during which workers of the organisations area unit recognized as its human resource. It believes that human resource is most dear quality of the organisation.
=>> It stresses on development of human resources of the organisation. It helps the workers of the organisation to develop their general capabilities in relevance their gift jobs and expected future role.
=>> It emphasise on the event and best utilization of the capabilities of people within the interest of the workers and organisation.
=>> It helps is establishing/developing higher inter-personal relations. It stresses on developing relationship supported facilitate, trust and confidence.
=>> It promotes cohesion among workers.
=>> It tries to develop competencies at the organisation level. It stresses on providing healthy climate for development within the organisation.
=>> HRD could be a system. it’s many sub-systems. of these sub-systems area unit inter-related and interlocking. It stresses on collaboration among all the sub-systems.
=>> It aims to develop AN organisational culture during which there’s smart senior-subordinate relations, motivation, quality and sense of happiness.
=>> It tries to develop ability at individual, inter-personal, cluster and organisational level to satisfy organisational goal.
It is AN inter-disciplinary idea. it’s supported the ideas, ideas and principles of social science, psychology, political economy etc.
=>> It type on worker welfare and quality of labor life. It tries to examine/identify worker desires and meeting them to the most effective doable extent.
=>> It is endless and systematic learning method. Development could be a life long method, that ne’er ends.

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