What is employee engagement?

Engagement can’t be imposed from above. It’s about creating a cultural shift in the way organisations behave. For example:
What is employee engagement
Leadership: it’s up to leaders to set out their stall for the future – a vision that is good for the organisation and that means something to staff. But the narrative must be ongoing and not just a one-off – keep communicating!

Line management. For organisations to thrive in the future they need managers who can relate to their staff. What weight does your organisation give to ‘soft management skills’ like active listening, motivating and empowering? Are managers equipped and confident in the skills needed to effectively manage staff and get the best out of them?

Voice: your employees know first hand what works and what doesn’t. If you can harness that knowledge productively you will get better decision making and more innovation. It’s a fantastic way to start motivating your staff.

Trust. Effective managers and commitment from the top of the organisation are some of the key ingredients in the recipe. But integrity is about making good your promises. Policies on things like quality and diversity have to be seen to work. Are managers practicing what they preach?

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