What is Reward


Pay off for efficient and effective performance may be regarded as reward. The most obvious reward employees get from work is pay, and we will spend the major part of this chapter addressing pay as a reward. However, also include promotions, desirable work assignments, and a host of other less obvious payoffs – a smile, acceptance by a peer, a covert of overt implication that you are doing a good job, or a kind word of recognition.

Rewards are quite related to expectancy theory of motivation: since people behave in ways that they believe are in their best interests, they constantly look for payoffs for their efforts. They expect good job performance to lead to organizational rewards, and they further seek rewards that will satisfy their individual goals or needs.

Organizations, then, use rewards to motivate people. They rely on rewards to motivate job candidates to join the organization. They certainly rely on rewards to get employees to come to work and perform effectively once they are hired.

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