Barriers of SHRM

Barriers to successful SHRM implementation are complex. The main reason is a lack of growth strategy or failure to implement one. Other major barriers are summarized as follows:

=> Inducing the vision and mission of the change effort.
=> High resistance due to lack of cooperation from the bottom line.
=> Interdepartmental conflict.
=> The commitment of the entire senior management team.
=> Plans that integrate internal resource with external requirements.
=> Limited time, money and the resources.
=> The statusquo approach of employees.
=> Fear of incompetency of senior level managers to take up strategic steps.
=> Diverse work-force with competitive skill sets.
=> Fear towards victimisation in the wake of failures.
=> Improper strategic assignments and leadership conflict over authority.
=> Ramifications for power relations.
=> Vulnerability to legislative changes.
=> Resistance that comes through the legitimate labour institutions.
=> Presence of an active labour union.
=> Rapid structural changes.
=> Economic and market pressures influenced the adoption of strategic HRM.
=> More diverse, outward looking approach.

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