Outcomes of Strategic Human Resource Management

Outcomes of SHRM are manifold. Outcomes may be both satisfactory and unsatisfactory. SHRM outcomes may be satisfactory if all activities are done properly and as per desire of the organization. On the other hand, outcomes may not be satisfactory if various barriers are created on the path of SHRM activities.

However, outcomes of SHRM are mentioned in the following points:
1. Increased performance: If SHRM works well staring from making and effective human resource planning to maintain labor management relations. Thus performance at all levels may increase.

2. Customer and employee satisfaction: The broad mission of SHRM is to ensure customer and employee satisfaction. By ensuring successful and fair recruitment, selection, training, career development and so on, employees may be satisfied and they will try to satisfy customers.

3. Enhance Shareholder value: On the basis of increased performance and customer as well as employee satisfaction shareholder values are enhanced. At the sometimes, organizational image may also be increased.

According to the outcome model of SHRM, with the achievement of three objectives, efficient management, cost effectiveness, integrated HR programs, facilitation of change and adaptation and lastly focus on customer needs may be obtained.

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