Communicating with employees – MCQs with answers – Part 1

1. Which of the following options is an important issue in the definition of communication?

a. Transmission and reception of messages
b. Involvement of people
c. Process of communication
d. All of the above

2. Effective communication helps the managers in carrying out which of the basic function?

A. Leading
B. Controlling
C. Power

a. A & B
b. B & C
c. A, B & C
d. A & C

3. _____ is attributing our own thoughts and feeling to others.

a. Stereotyping
b. Halo effect
c. Projection
d. All of the above

4. State true or false.

i. Role of communication facilitates managerial functions and changes people’s attitudes and enabling social behaviour.

a. True
b. False

5. Rearrange the steps in the process of interpersonal communication.

A. Decoding
B. Message
C. Receiver
D. Sender
E. Encoding
F. Feedback
G. Channel


6. Which of these is an electronic mode of communication?

a. Letter
b. Manuals
c. Fax
d. Circulars

7. Match the following categories of barriers with their classification

I. Sender – related barrier ——– A. Non-verbal signals
II. Situation-related barriers —– B. Noise
III. Receiver – related barriers — C. Perceptions

a. 1-A,2-B,3-C
b. 1-B,2-A,3-C
c. 1-A,2-C,3-B

8. State true or false.

i. The message is clearly conveyed and the sender receives the desires results in interpersonal sensitivity.

a. True
b. False

9. Which of these is one of the six habits that distorts the communication process?

a. Dismissing a subject prematurely as uninteresting
b. Message can be understood in different ways
c. Failure of mechanical equipment
d. None of the above

1. d, 2. a, 3. c, 4. a, 5. d, 6. c, 7. a, 8. b, 9. a.

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