Limitations of HRP

The problems faced by human Resource professionals while preparing or administering HR plans may be summarized thus:

1.Lack of Accuracy: projecting manpower needs over a period of time is a complex one. It’s not possible to track the current and future trends correctly and convert the same into meaningful action guidelines. Factors such as absenteeism, labor turnover, seasonal trends in demand, competitive pressures, technological changes and a host of other factors may turn the rest of manpower plans as fashionable, decorative pieces.

2.Absence of Support: planning is generally undertaken to improve overall efficiency. In the mane of cost cutting, this may ultimately help management weed out unwanted labor of several levels. The few efficient ones that survive such frequent onslaughts complain about increased workload. Support from management is equally missing on more than one occasion. They are unwilling to commit funds for building an appropriate human resources information system. The time and effort involved with no tangible, immediate gains often force them to look the other way.

3.Numbers game: HRP, in the final analysis, may suffer due to an excessive focus on the quantitative aspects. They quality side of the coin (consisting of employee motivation, moral, career prospects, training avenues etc.) may be discounted thoroughly.

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