Problems in HRP

Though HRP is beneficial to the organization, employees and trade unions, some problems crop up in the process of HRP important among them are:

1. Resistance by employers and employees: Many employers resist HRP as they think that it increases the cost of manpower as trade unions demand for employees based on the plan, more facilities and benefits including training and development. Further, employers feel that HRP is not necessary as candidates are / will be available as and when required due to unemployment situation. Employer’s version may be true about unskilled and clerical staff but it is not true in the case of all other categories as there is shortage for certain categories of human resources.

Trade unions and employees also resist HRP as they view that it increases the workload of employees and prepares programmed for securing the human resources mostly from outside. The other reason for their resistance is the HRP aims at controlling the employees through productivity maximization, etc.

2. Uncertainties: uncertainties are quite prominent in human resource practices in the third word countries due to absenteeism, seasonal employment, labor turnover etc. further the uncertainties in industrial scene like technological change, and marketing conditions also cause uncertainties in human resource management. The uncertainties make the HRP less reliable.

3. Inadequacies of information system: Information system regarding human resources has not yet fully developed in industries of the third world countries due to low status given to HR department and less importance attached to HRP. Further the reliable data and information about the economy, their industries, labor market, trends in human resources, etc. Are not available.

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