Process of Socialization

Socialization process may be short or long. If the entrants can adjust with the environment the process may be short. Otherwise it may be along. It depends on the will and ability to adjust.
Socialization can be conceptualized as a process made up of three stages:
1. Pre-arrival
2. Encounter and
3. Metamorphosis.

These stages are discussed in the following paragraphs:
1. Pre-arrival stage: The first stage encompasses the learning the new employee has gained before joining the organization.
2. Encounter stage: in the second stage, the new employee gets an understanding of what the organization is really like, and deals with the realization that the expectations and reality may differ.
3. Metamorphosis stage: In the third stage, lasting change occur. Here, new employees become fully trained in their jobs, perform successfully, and “fit” in with the values and norms of coworkers.
The above stages ultimately affect new employees’ productivity on the job, their commitment to the organizational goals, and their decisions to remain with the organization. These are the three stages with which the socialization process comes to an end. If any individual fails to possess these stages he will not be able to adapt to the situation.

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