Responsibility for HRP


Top level executives are responsible for manpower planning as it is one of the important factors influencing the success of an organization. The plans are usually prepared by the Human Resource Division in consultation with others corporate heads. The responsibility and accountability for manpower aspects of various divisions lie on their respective heads. They should undertake their own appraisal of future needs in such a way as to provide a concrete basis for organization wide forecasting and planning. The Human Resource Division must offer counsel and advice to various divisional heads and coordinate the various manpower estimates from time to time. Prof. Geisler outlined the responsibilities of Human Resources Department in respect of manpower planning thus:

• Assist and counsel operating managers to plan and set objectives.
• Collect and summaries manpower data keeping long run objectives and broad organizational interests in mind.
• Monitor and measure performance against the plan and keep top management informed about it.
• Provide proper research base for effective manpower and organizational planning.

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