Types of Human Resources Policies

HR policies might be classified on the idea of sources or description.

On the idea of supply
On the idea of their supply, policies might be classified into
=>> Originated Policies – These square measure the policies sometimes established by the senior managers so as to guide their subordinates.
=>> Implicit Policies – These square measure the policies that aren’t formally expressed; they’re inferred from the behavior of managers. they’re additionally called implicit Policies.
=>> Imposed PoliciesPolicies square measure generally obligatory on the business by external agencies like government, trade associations and trade unions.
=>> Appealed Policies – Appealed policies arise as a result of the actual case isn’t lined by the sooner policies. so as to grasp a way to handle some things, subordinates might request or attractiveness for the formulation of specific policies.

On the idea of description
On the idea of description, policies could also be general or specific.
=>> General Policies – These policies don’t relate to any specific issue especially. General policies square measure developed by associate degree organization’s leadership team. this type of policies is named ‘general’ as a result of they are doing not relate to any specific issue especially.
=>> Specific Policies – These policies square measure associated with specific problems like staffing, compensation, negotiation etc. Specific policies should update the pattern ordered down by the final policies.

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