European model of HRM

Brewster (1993 ) described a European model of HRM as follows:
● environment – established legal framework;
● objectives – organizational objectives and social concern – people as a key resource;
● focus – cost/benefit ts analysis, also environment;
● relationship with employees – union and non-union;
● relationship with line managers – specialist/line liaison;
● role of HR specialistspecialist managers – ambiguity, tolerance, flexibility.

The main distinction between this model and what Brewster referred to as ‘the prescribed model’ was that the latter involves deregulation (no legal framework), no trade unions and a focus on organizational objectives but not on social concern.

As set out by Maybe et al (1998 : 107) the characteristics of the European model are:
● dialogue between social partners;
● emphasis on social responsibility;
● multicultural organizations;
● participation in decision-making;
● continuous learning.

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