Improvement of performance appraisal

The problems outlined above can be improved in a variety of ways. The one thing that is important to keep in mind is that both the appraiser and the appraise will be nervous. Giving and receiving performance feedback is often looked at as an experience. By following the suggestions listed in the performance review session can be more help Mi and positive for all involved.

As organizations move toward a more employee oriented strategy, the, supervisor subordinate formal appraisal may not be effective. Instead, a performance review discussion based on the employee’s evaluation of his or her own work for a specified period on time may be more useful.

1. Show the standards: Show the standards to which the employee will be compared to remind him or her that the process is not completely subjective.

2. Praise: Make sure to praise the employee for his or her accomplishments during the evaluation period. Recognize his or her achievements, and indicate where the employee has, excelled.

3. Highlight weak areas: Highlight, but do not dwell on, areas in which performance did not meet the standards.

4. Performance improvement: Discuss ways to improve performance in the areas in which the employee was weak or to solve problems that have caused the employee to be less effective than desired.

5. Understandable: Make sure that the employee fully understands the appraisal.

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